an insult to the dead
Emily, 18,
health food nut, (vegan)
video game addict, make-up obsessed, crazy cat lazy
đŸŽ¶Metal all the way to folkđŸŽ¶

I mainly post stuff from my favorite movies, tv shows, quotes from emo bands that were at their musical prime in 2004, animal rights stuff, fallout 3/ new vegas, skyrim, and other video game stuff. Oh and the occasional Charles Manson quotes
also things I find funny and fitness stuff
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Everything is Alright | Motion City Sountrack

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Playlist: The Very Best of Say Anything

Shout out to those people who still think Max says “with the MUCH money you spend” instead of the correct lyric, in Every Man Has a Molly. After all these years



Fake Plastic Trees 

The Bends, 1995

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Playlist: The Very Best of Say Anything

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